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Ready to sell your luxury Omega watch? Please complete the form below or visit our central London showroom. We’re 3 minutes’ walk from Knightsbridge station and 2 minutes’ walk from Harrods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pristine Watches London pays very competitive prices for high value luxury watches. Based in Central London, next to Bulgari Hotel and a 3-minute walk from Harrods, we offer a fast and safe service at our premises or by secure post.

Pristine Watches London has experts in luxury watches who examine and evaluate the watches we get in from our clients. The price is based on current market value, the condition of the watch and the peripherals that it comes with.

We aim to respond to all enquiries on the same day. Where this enquiry was submitted outside of working hours, we may respond the next day. Please note that when you give us more information, we will be able to respond to your enquiry quicker, including images in our forms also helps.

Yes, we do purchase watches from international sellers, payment methods and amounts may differ for international sellers due to currency exchange. We will still ensure you receive the best price for your watch.

The quotes we offer our clients don’t expire, however if the conditions of the watch changes from the time you got the quote, then we may change our offer. If the market value of the watch changes, the quote will be revised to reflect the market value change.

Once we receive the watch, we will inspect its authenticity and condition. We may also choose to do a Watch Register. If the watch is as described by the client, we will complete the purchase by making payment over the agreed payment method.

You will receive the money via direct bank transfer or cash.

If you visit our showroom with the watch, you will usually get paid on the same day. However, sometimes there may be a hold between banks. In cases where the watch was shipped, we would require 1-2 business days before payment is made. This is due to our authentication and conditioning process.

About Omega Watches

The Omega brand has built its reputation on revolutionary watch movements. Known for their precision and resilience, their movements were chosen for use by both British and American pilots in both World Wars and remain the brand of choice for NASA Astronauts. An Omega (Buzz Aldrin’s Omega Speedmaster) was the first watch on the Moon. Neil Armstrong also wore an Omega Speedmaster but the watch was left in the landing module to replace NASA’s electronic timer. The timer had failed, but the watch wouldn’t. All James Bonds from 1995 have worn Omegas (Omega Seamasters). Their movements have been the go-to for the Greenwich, Kew, Neuenburg and Geneva observatories and they are the timekeeper for the Olympic Games.

Get paid instantly for your Omega watch. Sell your watch effortlessly, and on the same day. Complete the form on this page to sell your Rolex watch. We will reply within the hour with an excellent offer. Selling your Omega has never been this simple.

How much can I get for my Omega watch? Have you ever wondered, how much can I get for my Omega watch? We have team members who specialise in Rolex watches. Prices can vary according to make, edition, condition, and current demand. Rest assured, we can offer the right price and pay, instantly, the same day you visit our showroom in London.

We buy all the different models. We buy all the Omega models including Omega Constellation, Omega Seamaster, Omega Speedmaster, Omega De Ville and many more. Never again will you ask, where can I sell my Omega watch?